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  • Using Player Dashboard

    The Player Dashboard is where you add, remove, monitor and manage all your TrilbyTV players. It is accessible within the web app so long as you have the correct permissions. It gives you an

  • Changing the TrilbyTV System Code

    Your TrilbyTV code is used by new users to join them to your specific TrilbyTV system. Without it, new users can't log in and upload videos to your system. You can get this code from an administrator

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on an Android device

    There are a large number of Android-based devices that can be an ideal TrilbyTV Player, from large SmartTVs to media boxes like the Minix Media Hubs, or even smaller tablets for mounting on podiums

  • Keeping your information up to date

    We store various information which is used to provide you with the TrilbyTV service. Details of how we store and use this data can be found in the Privacy Notice. Your TrilbyTV System Dashboard will s

  • Choosing a TrilbyTV Player device

    AppleTV 4th Gen (2015 model onwards) The AppleTV with Siri remote makes a great player for TrilbyTV. It connects to your screen via a HDMI cable and requires a single 13 amp socket. The AppleTV can

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on AppleTV (4th Gen and later)

    TrilbyTV Player for AppleTV offers the same easy-to-use interface all our Players have, enabling you to easily turn any HDTV into a signage tool. Since AppleTV's are also used in the classroom, it mak

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on an iOS device

    TrilbyTV Player for iOS offers the same easy-to-use interface all our Players have, enabling you to easily turn any tv screen into a signage tool. You can either use an iPad or iPod or even iPhone as

  • Using Schedules

    Scheduled Playback allows you to play a specific set of content at a certain time on your TV, such as an End of the day playlist. Scheduling is available for all customers. To create a schedule go to

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on a LG digital signage screen

    TrilbyTV is simple to install on the LG webOS digital signage range of displays offering an All-In-One digital signage solution. No additional hardware is required. You will need LG Digital Signage

  • TrilbyTV Chrome OS Kiosk Mode

    If you have a Chrome OS device you should be able to run the Android version of TrilbyTV Player - Check out this list for Android supported Chrome devices. NOTE: With effect from June 2022, Chrome OS

  • Managing permission groups

    Permission Groups are used to determine who can upload content, who can moderate it, and who can manage your TrilbyTV system or Players. You are given some default permission groups when you sign up b

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on Windows or MacOS

    You can use an existing computer to run your TV screens and playback your videos from TrilbyTV. All you need to do is grab the player suitable for your platform. Mac Users - head to the Mac App Store

  • Player Content support

    TrilbyTV Player is available on many platforms, some support more features than others and some will work differently with certain content types. Platform iOS tvOS Android Amazon FireTV Chrome /

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on Amazon FireTV stick

    You will need: an Amazon FireTV stick an Amazon account a WiFi network a TrilbyTV account Plug your Amazon FireTV stick into the HDMI port on your TV. You may need to attach the optional USB power

  • Video Quality Settings

    All video added to TrilbyTV is compressed in several formats suitable for playback on TrilbyTV Player devices from different manufacturers and in our web players. By default, we save the video at a

  • What are Web Players

    Web Players (formerly Embedded Players) are a combination of Playlists and Public Sharing. They allow you to group together a series of content that will playback sequentially within a web browser.

  • Registering an Amazon Fire TV Stick

    If your Fire TV stick used for TrilbyTV playback is showing a Register screen, here are the steps to get it back online and playing content. Before you start you will need an Amazon account - get one

  • Adding Users

    You can either add users directly as an administrator or ask the users to add themselves. Either way, the user will receive two emails, one to validate their email address and one containing their

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on a Philips digital signage screen

    The latest Philips D Line Digital Signage Displays are powered by Android 7.1.2 meaning they are perfect for TrilbyTV. The model we have used and tested is the 32BDL4051D which has built in Android

  • Release Notes

    The latest versions available for each platform are: Amazon FireTV 4.4.2 Android 4.4.2 Apple TV 4.4.3 ChromeOS 4.4.3 iOS (Player) 4.4.2 iPad 4.3.5 LG webOS Signage 4.1 4.4.1 Mac 4.4.3 Windows 4.4.3

  • Using TrilbyTV Player on Airtame

    The Airtame 2 player device makes a great TrilbyTV Player as well as being a perfect teaching space or conference room presentation solution. You can use an Airtame 2 device as a TrilbyTV Player and

  • Playlist permissions

    We are sometimes asked if there is a way to lock down a particular screen or player to a particular set of users in TrilbyTV. With the Playlist Permissions tool there is! Everyone will have a