Using Players & Player Settings

What Are Players

Players is where you add, remove, monitor and manage all your TrilbyTV players. 

Players can be accessed within the TrilbyTV web app so long as you have the correct permissions. It gives you an at-a-glance view of which players are working and control of what they are playing.

Add a Player

You will need a device with the TrilbyTV Player app installed with the latest version of the app for your player device.

  1. Open TrilbyTV Player and on the TV screen you will see a Player Code. This is unique to that device (this will change if you delete/reinstall the app). Make a note of this code.
  2. Open your web browser and log in to TrilbyTV
  3. Click the Players icon then click the Add Player button. 
  4. Enter the player code you noted, and then name the player and click Add

Thats it! Now the player is connected to your TrilbyTV. It's time to configure your player. 

Configure your player

  1. From Players, click the player you wish to edit. 
  2. On the Edit Player screen, you can change the name of your player. Click and edit the name then tab or click out of the field to autosave. You can also see Player Information, including the Player Code, Device, OS, Player Version, as well as the time it last checked in. 

Players should be checking in once every minute. Click the Status history button to view the check-in history for the past 24 hours. If your player is unable to check in you'll notice a red line - this could be indicative of wifi or network connection issues around that time. You can roll over for more information.

What Content to play 

Click on the Default Playback row and select your categories, playlist or single item to play back along with any other options available, such as Shuffle or Limit videos. Remember to click Save when finished.

You can add other schedules to playback different content at different times, Hometime messages between 14:45 and 15:45, for example. Just click Add Schedule and select your categories, playlist or single item to playback, and set the times as well as any other options available. - see the support article on Schedules for more information.

Player Settings

  • Copy and Import/Export: You can choose Copy Settings to replace the current player settings with those from another player. This makes it easy to add a new player device and use the settings you already have in place on another device.

    You can also use the Import/Export buttons to save your current player settings. This allows you to save and reload settings. Click the Export button to download the current player settings. You can then use the Import button to upload that file again and replace the current Player settings with those from the file.


If your settings refer to a playlist or categories that no longer exist, they will be missing after the import.

  • Swap Player Code: Sometimes your TrilbyTV Player may show a new code, this can happen after an OS update or if you choose to clear the cache and settings on the player device. Rather than deleting and adding a new player, you can swap the code by clicking Swap Player Code. Just enter the code now showing on your TrilbyTV Player screen, and the settings will be copied from the old to the new player. 
  • Clear Cache: Clicking this will ask the Player to clear its Cache when it next refreshes. This means it deletes any content stored on the Player device and can be useful when troubleshooting. 
  • Disconnect Player: Clicking this will remove the Player from your TrilbyTV. The player will return back to its initial loading screen, which will show the Code.
  • Corners: These can be configured on a per-player basis as well as globally - see the support article on Corners for more information.
  • Audio: If you don't want any audio to play from TrilbyTV, which would come from a video or maybe web content, then set this to OFF.
  • Autostart: When you install and launch TrilbyTV Player on your player device it will automatically register itself to autostart when the device powers on. This is great to recover after a power cut, or if you use the timing feature on the TV to power off and on each day. Turning Autostart OFF will prevent the app from loading on startup, this might be useful if you have TrilbyTV Player installed on a classroom whiteboard where it will only be used infrequently. 


  • Turning off Autostart does not work on the LG TV Player app  - on LG screens TrilbyTV will always Autostart.
  • Apple TV and iOS players do not support our Autostart feature, but you can set them as Single App items using an MDM.
  • Screen rotation (Android players only): will rotate the output of the Player app, used for when you have a Hardware device that does not support rotation, but the screen is mounted in a vertical/portrait configuration.
  • Preferred video quality: Allows you to specify which video file type the Player should prefer for playback. If you want to show anything other than the default, you will also need to flip the Vidoe Quality switches in the System Dashboard. See the Video Quality Settings support article for more info.
  • Restart daily: Set a time here for the Player to attempt an automatic reboot. A reboot can help keep players running for longer periods as it clears out memory and gives the Operating System a chance to perform any maintenance or update tasks. We recommend setting this to a time when the screen will not be being viewed.


The Restart daily at feature only works on Android devices which allow root access.

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