Corners allow you to put your logo, the current time and date, or other short information on the screen at all times. It places these in one of the four corners of the screen so it won't obscure your content, and you can configure what goes in which corner on all players or on each player individually.

A trilbyTV screen showing logo and time in corners

Corners are designed to not distract from your content, so they use white text with a shadow and should float nicely on top of any content you add to the screen. If you wish, you can select your own colour by going to the System Dashboard and changing the Corners colour under the Logos & Colours.

Turning on Corners

To set up Corners, go to the Player Dashboard and, using the drop-down menus on the right side of the screen, specify the default settings for Corners on all players. If you do not want settings to apply to all players, then leave these set to None and continue to each player to configure individually. 

To configure an individual player

  1. Select one of your players on the Player Dashboard.
  2. Click the ‘Configure corners’ button under Corners on the right.
  3. Choose what content you would like to see in each corner.
  4. Click Save.

Individual player settings always override Player Dashboard settings.

Tip: It’s a great idea to set up a Web Player to test and try out corners. You will want to make sure that the placement of the Corners doesn’t overlap your content. It’s a good idea to let your users know that the logo will appear, so they don’t need to add it to the content as well.

Types of Corner content

  • Default - This only appears on Individual players and indicates that the player will show whatever is set by default on the Player Dashboard.
  • None - Display nothing. Useful to set on the player level to override and hide the global setting.
  • Logo - Display the logo as uploaded to your System Dashboard. Remember to consider any transparency in your PNGs
  • Time - The current time, displayed as hours and minutes. This comes from the time settings on your player hardware device. 
  • Date - The current date, displayed as DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY, the display format will be based on the date settings on your player hardware device. 
  • Time & Date - a combination of the above.
  • Device Name - the name set in the tvOS, iOS or Android settings on the player hardware - useful for Conference rooms where the display screen may also be available for casting or mirroring.
  • Player Name - the name of the player set in the Player Dashboard on TrilbyTV.
  • Currently Playing - the Title of the content item that is playing on screen as set on the individual content item.
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