Logo & Colours settings

Using these options you can specify a logo and default colours for Content your TrilbyTV. 


The colours will be used when adding new content and will save time in repeatedly setting your brand colours on each element. If you change the colour settings they will only be applied to any new items added after the change. Existing items will not be changed. 

To set the defaults, go to the TrilbyTV System Dashboard and either click the colours to change using the colour picker or type in the HEX value. 


You can also add your organisation's logo which is used in our Corners feature and will be displayed on the screen at all times when activated. This works best with a transparent PNG file as the transparency will be used when the logo is displayed. You may wish to create a custom version of your logo that works well on screen.

If you change the logo, the changes will be shown on all players with the logo after a few minutes. 

Tip: It’s a great idea to set up a Web Player to test and try out corners. You will want to make sure that the placement of the Corners doesn’t overlap your content. It's a good idea to let your users know that the logo will appear so they don’t need to add it to the content as well.

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