Release Notes

The latest versions available for each platform are:

Platform Version
TrilbyTV Player
Amazon FireTV 4.6.1
Android/Google Play 4.6.1
Apple TV 4.6.2
ChromeOS 4.4.3
iOS (Player) 4.6.1
LG webOS Signage 4.1 4.6.2
Mac 4.6.1
Windows 4.6.1
TrilbyTV for iPad
iPadOS 4.4.0
TrilbyTV Announce
Android 1.1.0

Below you will find details of updates and changes made to the TrilbyTV apps.

27 May 2022

TrilbyTV Player v4.6.2 (LG webOS)

  • Fixes an issue where Twitter content would not display on screens. Please ensure you are using the latest version. See our support article for more information.

3 May 2022

TrilbyTV Player v4.6.2 (tvOS)

  • TrilbyTV now supports Google Slides on Apple TV. Simply enable the option on the TrilbyTV website for your item and we'll convert your Google Slides for display on your Apple TV devices.

15 March 2022

TrilbyTV Player 4.6.1 (Amazon, Android, Apple TV, iOS, LG, macOS, Windows). TrilbyTV 4.4, Announce 1.0

  • This version adds support for Instagram content
  • Also includes support for Colour options on corners

21 October 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.5.0 (Amazon, Android (, Apple TV, iOS, LG, macOS, Windows)

  • Corners - puts your logo, the current time and date, or other information on the screen at all time. See our blog for more information
  • Player Settings - Control more of your player. Check out your Player Dashboard for more information

3 February 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.3 (Apple TV)

  • Fixes Airplay cancelling during video playback

30 January 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.2 (Apple TV)

  • Fixes Airplay cancelling during playback

20 January 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.3 (macOS, Windows)

  • Fixes an issue where slideshows and some images would not show

20 January 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.2 (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Amazon, Chrome), 4.4.1 (LG webOS)

  • Adds support for custom YouTube durations
  • Adds support for automatic Zoom on web content (Android only)

13 January 2021

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.4 (Chrome OS)

  • Adds support for custom YouTube playback durations

10 December 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.1 (iOS and Apple TV)

  • Fixes a crash that may occur during launch

1 December 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.3 (Chrome OS)

  • Changed webview rendering to improve performance
  • Updated TrilbyTV logo graphics

20 November 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.1 (Android + Fire TV)

  • Adds support for auto-launch on FireTV Lite

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.2 (Chrome OS)

  • Fixes issue where devices may go to sleep

13 November 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.1 (ChromeOS)

  • Fixes an issue where content would not play past 5 items

11 November 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.1 (macOS, Windows)

  • Fixes an issue where the new Twitter items with only one tweet would not appear

10 November 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.4.0 (iOS, Android, Amazon, Chrome, macOS, Windows)

  • Support for new Twitter 2.0 layout including videos and multiple images
  • Support for new Slideshow 3.0 playback
  • Various bug fixes

21 January 2020

TrilbyTV Player 4.3.4 (Windows)

  • Fixes an issue where video playback may not start

10 December 2019

TrilbyTV Player 4.3.4 (Android/FireTV)

  • Bug fixes

8 December 2019

TrilbyTV Player 4.3.4 (macOS)

  • Fixes Reset Code error on launch

6 December 2019

TrilbyTV 4.3.5 (iPad)

  • Adds support for enhanced Web Content, including YouTube, Google Slides and RSS support

TrilbyTV Player 4.3.3 (iOS, Android, Amazon, Chrome, macOS, Windows)

  • Adds support for enhanced Web Content, including YouTube, Google Slides and RSS support

20 November 2019

TrilbyTV 4.3.4 (iPad)

  • Fixes a crash when adding images to a slideshow under iOS 13
  • TrilbyTV for iPad now requires iOS 10.3 or greater

23 October 2019

TrilbyTV 4.3.3 (iPad)

  • Updates to User Profiles

11 July 2019

TrilbyTV (Web)

  • Adds new Notifications system

18 June 2019

TrilbyTV v4.3.2 (iPad)

  • Improved Profile Page
  • Navigation Keyboard shortcuts
  • Updates for Web Player management

6 June 2019

TrilbyTV Player v4.3.2 (iOS and Apple TV), Android/Amazon 4.3.2

  • Improves image scaling on Title Slides

31 May 2019

TrilbyTV Player v4.3.1 (iOS)

  • Fixes an issue where Web Content wouldn't appear on TrilbyTV Player for iOS

29 May 2019

TrilbyTV Player v4.3.0 (All platforms)

  • Adds support for new Title Slides

16 May 2019

TrilbyTV v4.2.2 (iOS and Apple TV)

  • Fixes an issue where Title Screens may not display text in the chosen colour

1 April 2019

TrilbyTV  v4.2.2 (iPad)

  • We’ve made a number of small improvements to the look and feel of TrilbyTV.

21 February 2019

TrilbyTV  v4.2.1 (iPad)

  • You can now configure Announcements. Set a single item to display on all your screens at the same time

14 January 2019

TrilbyTV  v4.2.1 (Android/Amazon FireTV)

  • Stability Improvements

2 January 2019

TrilbyTV  v4.2.1 (ChromeOS)

  • Fixes an issue where playback would get stuck

2 January 2019

TrilbyTV  v4.2.1 (ChromeOS)

  • Fixes an issue where playback would get stuck

12 December 2018

TrilbyTV  v4.2.0 (iPad)

  • New: Announcements – take over all your screens to display a single announcement
  • Supports ‘Show on Player After’ options for content to allow deferred display of added content
  • Adds Notification Bar for subscription expiry and storage usage

TrilbyTV Player v4.2.0 (All platforms)

  • Adds support for 720p, 1080p and 4K resolutions where available

8 November 2018

TrilbyTV for iPad v4.0 (iOS)

  • Updated for TrilbyTV v4

25 September 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.1.2 (iOS and tVOS)

  • Fixes an issue where authentication may not refresh

25 September 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.1.1 (iOS and tVOS)

  • Fixes for transparent Twitter logos
  • Fixes Title Screen sizing that caused text to be obscured

12 September 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.1.0 (All platforms)

  • Adds support for 7 day scheduling

18 July 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.11 (Android/Amazon)

  • Fixes low memory crash when playing multiple large slideshows

3 July 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.10 (Android/Amazon)

  • Fixes issue a crash when showing some slideshows and title screens

6 June 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.9 (Android/Amazon)

  • Improves experience when unable to contact TrilbyTV systems

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.7 (iOS/tvOS/Chrome)

  • Improves experience when unable to contact TrilbyTV systems

24 May 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.8 (Android/Amazon)

  • Improved performance and stability

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.6 (iOS/Apple TV/Chrome)

  • Improved performance and stability

1 May 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.7 (Android/Amazon)

  • Fixes issue when trying to play content that was not ready to be displayed
  • Fixes issue where web content may open in a new browser tab
  • Performance improvements

28 March 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.6 (Android/Amazon)

  • Fixes playback issue with single image slideshows

20 March 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.5 (All Platforms)

  • Vastly improved cache management to reduce bandwidth usage

14 March 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.4 (Chrome)

  • Stability and caching improvements

22 February 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.1 (tvOS, iOS), v4.0.2 (Android/Amazon), v4.0.3 (Chrome)

  • Fixes an issue where refresh time was incorrectly set (tvOS, iOS)
  • Fixes issues with handling failed refresh processes (Android/Amazon, Chrome)

20 February 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.2 (Chrome)

  • Fixes an issue where TrilbyTV Player may crash during offline use

5 February 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4.0.1 (Chrome, Android/Amazon)

  • This update fixes issues with crashes on launch, and black screens during playback

1 February 2018

TrilbyTV Player v4 (All platforms)

  • TrilbyTV v4 brings a fresh new look to our website, focussing on easy content management, quick approval, and enhanced editing.
  • Twitter feeds can now be customised with your own choice of font and background colours
  • Slideshows can now be edited – update your existing slideshows with new images, and remove existing images
  • Player Dashboard is now available to all users. Add and monitor your players from any web browser, and adjust settings on the fly.
  • Embedded Players can now be found under Player Dashboard
  • Pinned Items – individual items can be pinned so that they always play on your screens, overriding playback limits
  • Single Playback – play back a single item on your signage. Select any item to be the only item showing on a screen. Great for single use displays

14 December 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.10.2 (ChromeOS, tvOS, iOS)

  • This update helps resolve an issue where a Player code may reset after connection issues. User is now prompted to confirm reset. (tvOS/iOS)

6 December 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.10.4 (ChromeOS)

  • Resolves an issue where Twitter content may use up a lot of storage (ChromeOS)

20 June 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.10.1 (ChromeOS, tvOS, iOS)

  • Fixes crash for expired accounts

10 June 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.10 (All)

  • Adds support for new Slideshows

12 May 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.9 (All)

  • Adds support for new Title Screens

29 March 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.8 (ChromeOS, Android/Amazon)

  • This update adds support for Web Content playback. Add your embedded web content or web pages to your TrilbyTV system from the menu

NB: Web Content embedding requires an HTTPS source. Some websites may not be supported

3 March 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.7.1 (ChromeOS)

  • Fixes an issue that may cause the player to redownload cached videos

7 February 2017

TrilbyTV Player v3.7.1 (iOS)

  • Fixes issues where Twitter feed playback may pause

1 February 2017

TrilbyTV v3.7 and TrilbyTV Player v3.7 (All platforms)

  • Adds support for adding and viewing Twitter feeds (iPad)
  • Adds support for playback for Twitter feeds (TrilbyTV Player for iOS, ChromeOS and Android)

20 October 2016

TrilbyTV v3.6.1 and TrilbyTV Player v3.6.2

  • Adds Support menu item (iPad)
  • Shows message when no search results are found (iPad)
  • Fixes issue where video playback may restart after 60 seconds after a new installation (TrilbyTV Player for iOS/tvOS)

3 November 2016

TrilbyTV Player 3.6.1 for iOS and Chrome, 3.5.2 for Apple TV

  • This update fixes a bug where new content was not being detected by Players, and a bug on Apple TV where a lost connection dialog was not being dismissed.

11 October 2016

TrilbyTV v3.6 and TrilbyTV Player v3.6

  • Login with Microsoft Account – You can now log into TrilbyTV using your Microsoft account, as well as your Google account or TrilbyTV account. (Web, Chrome, iPad and iPod)
  • Safari Keychain – Log into TrilbyTV using the password saved in your keychain. If you’re using iCloud Keychain, or have saved your password in Safari, you can now tap ‘Use iCloud Keychain’ and login with these details, without having to re-type them. (iPad only)
  • Share to Google Classroom – if you have enabled Public Sharing on a video, you can how easily share these to Google Classroom. Just click the Classroom icon on the edit page. (Moderators only)
  • Bug Fix – unable to select more than one category when uploading or editing a video on iOS 10

22 September 2016

  • Video management for admin users allows you to approve, share and delete in bulk
  • Permission Groups Management can now be found in the Users section
  • Grid or list view selection on player dashboard preference is saved between sessions
  • Supported file types are shown on the upload page

1 September 2016

  • Player Dashboard Add-on – manage multiple TrilbyTV Players from one simple web console
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