Choosing the Default Schedule of a Player

The default setting for TrilbyTV Players is to show the latest 20 items added to your system.

There are three ways to change the content to be played back on TrilbyTV Player.

Changing the Default Schedule

Open the Player Dashboard.

Select the Player you want to change the content for.

Select the Default Schedule box

Choose from one of the following options


Select 1 or more categories from your list to playback. You could use categories based on subject areas, or create a Category for each screen and assign videos to those. You can also set a limit on the number of videos from those categories to playback. This allows you to only be showing fresh new content by setting a low number limit.

You can also Pin content which means it will always show on the player if it is in the selected category regardless of the player limit. The pinned option works well for your twitter feed which you may always want to be show even if it is outside of the Limit set.


Playlists let you pick and choose selected videos to playback in a chosen order. create a Playlist from the menu, and click to add your videos. These playlists are then available to you when you configure your Player devices.


Choose a single item to play back in a loop, this works well for a promotional video on an event day.

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