Announcements on TrilbyTV

Announcements give you a way to take over all screens or a group of screens, to show a single item from the TrilbyTV feed.

TrilbyTV Players check in with the server every 60 seconds for updates and as long as the Player is online and active, an announcement will typically go live in less than a minute.

Make an announcement

  1. To start, go to the Announcements Dashboard and click Add Announcement.
  2. Choose the time to start and end the announcement. If you leave these blank, it will either start straight away or continue until you remove it. In the example below, the announcement starts on the 1st of December and will remain on screen until manually turned off.

  3. If you are using the TrilbyTV Groups feature, then you can also select which group of screens to display the announcement on. 

  4. The last thing before saving is to select the content to play. You can choose any single item from the TrilbyTV feed. Recently used items will appear at the top of the list and you can use the search and filter tools to find the content item.
  5. Click Save and your announcement is ready to go. 

Stop an announcement

You can see what announcements are coming up next as well as historical ones that have now past.

    • For Current announcements, there are buttons to edit, duplicate or stop. 
    • For Upcoming and Previous announcements there are buttons to edit, duplicate or delete. Duplicate makes it easy to quickly grab a previously used or configured announcement, change the dates, content or group and then make it live. 

Announcement content

You may have a content item that you only wish to use for announcements. In this case, turn on Announcement content on the content item edit page. When on, the content will only show when specifically required, such as when used as an announcement or as part of a Playlist.

Announce app

For control of announcements from anywhere at any time, there is a TrilbyTV Announce app. This is available on Android and iOS

The interface is focused on Announcements and will display current and past announcements as well as options to add more, or to immediately start and stop an announcement.

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