Keeping your information up to date

We store various information which is used to provide you with the TrilbyTV service. Details of how we store and use this data can be found in the Privacy Notice.

Your TrilbyTV System Dashboard will show the current information held in our database. If any of the details shown under System Information are incorrect or need updating please contact and we will do this for you.

Each TrilbyTV system requires at least one Technical contact and one Admin contact in order for the service to be provided effectively. You can provide multiples of each and you can have the same person for both.

The Admin contact(s) will be sent information about the TrilbyTV subscription including renewal notices, this will amount to around 4 emails per year.

The Technical contact(s) will receive notification of product upgrades or updates which require action, we will send these periodically, but generally no more than once a month.

When your TrilbyTV subscription was first created we will have added the contact names provided on the order, but you can change the details at any time.

You will need to be logged in as a user with administrator permissions and will need to create a TrilbyTV account for the users to add if one doesn’t already exist.

To add a contact

  • Head over to your TrilbyTV System Dashboard
  • Click Add Contact
  • Choose the user and the role, either Admin or Technical
  • Click Add

To remove a user just tap Remove next to their name and confirm.

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