Installing TrilbyTV Player on a Promethean ActivPanel

The latest ActivPanel Elements Displays from Promethean are powered by the Android 8 operating system meaning they are perfect for TrilbyTV. The model we have used and tested is the ActivPanel Elements V7 Titanium which has built-in Android 8.

You will need 

  • Promethean ActivPanel Elements V7 Interactive Display 
  • a Wifi Network or ethernet connection
  • a Google account
  • a TrilbyTV account

  1. Using the Unified Menu access the Locker App and then  Android Settings to connect your screen to configure your network
  2. Using your Google login, sign in to the Google PlayStore to download and then open the TrilbyTV Player App 
  3. You will see a TrilbyTV logo and Player Code on the screen and now you can link this screen to your TrilbyTV in the Player Dashboard
  4. The TrilbyTV Player is now available to access on your within the Docker App 

Additional Configuration

For YouTube content to play on the screen you will need to also install the YouTube app.

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