Managing permission groups

Permissions are used to determine who can access certain features of TrilbyTV, such as who can upload content, who can moderate it, and who can manage your TrilbyTV account or Players. You are given some default Permission Groups when you sign up but you can create your own, or edit existing groups.

Any groups marked as Default will be assigned to new users when they register. It does not affect existing users.

The permissions types available are:

Upload: Login, edit profile, add new videos or slideshows and view your own and any approved content

Moderate: All Uploader permissions plus: add Title Slides, Twitter Feeds or Web Content, view and approve/unapprove all content, edit all content playback settings; enable/disable content to show on TrilbyTV Players, and delete content, create and edit playlists.

Player: Enable content to be shown screens via on TrilbyTV Player

Public Sharing: Enable Public sharing on individual items. Requires Moderator permission to access the edit view.

Player Dashboard: Add and remove players, edit player settings, create and manage web player

Admin: Admin has the ability to edit all system settings and make changes to users details.

Note: If you do not assign any permissions to a group, the users will still be able to log in, edit their profile and view any approved content.

When logged in as an Administrator, permissions groups can be changed and new ones added

  • Tap Permission Groups in the sidebar
  • Tap Edit to change settings or click Add Group to create a new custom group
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