Adding And Removing Users

  • You can either add users directly as an Administrator or ask the users to add themselves to TrilbyTV. 
  • With both methods the user will receive two emails, one to validate their email address and one containing their username and password. If the user doesn't add an email address then no emails will be sent (this is in place for education customers and students with no email address).
  • New users will automatically be assigned the permission group marked as Default in the Permission Groups settings. Unless you have updated these, the Default permissions are set to View Only Once they are added if a user needs more permissions they will need to be allocated by an Administrator. For more information see our Managing Permission Groups guide.
  • On the first login, the user will be asked to confirm they agree with the Terms of Service and that they accept the Privacy Notice. They are also given the option to receive marketing information.

Adding a user via Self Service

Administrators can provide users with a 6 digit code fount in your System Dashboard. If a user has been given your TrilbyTV Code they can add themselves. This code can be entered upon vissiting and clicking Login then Signup

Enter the code in the box and click Join TrilbyTV, enter a few details and then they are done!

You can also email out a quick link for users which looks like where you replace the XXXXXX with your TrilbyTV Code.

Adding a user Via Administrator

Administrators can add users directly, and at the same time allocate permissions. To do this head to the User settings and click Add User.

Enter the details on the form, set necessary Permissions, and click Add.

We strongly suggest using an email address as the Username. 

Removing or Banning users

Users can be removed or banned from your system. Banning a user stops them from logging in or using the same username to create a new account.

To remove a user

  • Cap the User icon in the sidebar
  • Click the Delete button for the user you'd like to remove and click Yes to confirm

You will be asked what to do with the content they have added, you can either choose to delete it or to transfer it to you.


Deletion of content is permanent and cannot be retrieved.

To ban a user

  • Click the User icon in the sidebar
  • Click Edit
  • Set the State to Banned
  • Click Save


The user will no longer be able to log in, but any content they have uploaded will be preserved.

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