Installing TrilbyTV Player on a LG digital signage screen

TrilbyTV is simple to install on the LG webOS digital signage range of displays offering an All-In-One digital signage solution. No additional hardware is required.

You will need

  • LG Digital Signage Screen
  • a Wifi Network or ethernet connection
  • a TrilbyTV account
  1. On setting up of your LG digital signage screen using general settings make sure you are connected to the internet via ethernet cable and date and time are set and correct 
  2. Using EZ Settings go to SI Server Setting
  3. Make the following changes 
    • Turn on "Fully qualified domain name"
    • Enter the address
    • Change "Application launch mode" to Remote
    • Turn on "Auto set"
  4. Leave all other settings default and close the settings menu
  5. Turn your LG screen off and then on again
  6. Within around 15 seconds you will see a TrilbyTV logo and Player Code on the screen and now you can link this screen to your TrilbyTV in the Player Dashboard

Additional Configuration

  • You can also use LG screens in Portrait format. To do this use the remote and go to Settings, Display, Screen Rotation

LG WebOS digital signage models (June 2022)

  • UH7F-H
  • UH5F-H
  • UL3J-E
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