Using Playlists

Playlists are a specific set of content which will play on screens in a specific order. 

These are often used in public-facing areas where the content doesn't change often. At TrilbyTV, we encourage you to consider using Categories to ensure there is always up-to-date and current content showing on these screens. 

Making a Playlist

Tap Playlists on the sidebar. Click Add Playlist. Give the playlist a name and then click + on the content items you would like to add. You can add the same content item more than once.

Click on the Order tab, where you can then drag and drop your chosen content into the order you would like it to playback. Click the trash can to remove an item or Duplicate to add the same content again.

Only content that is approved and has Show on TrilbyTV Player enabled will playback.

Remember to click Save.

Using the Playlist

In Players, click your player, then either change the Default Playback or Add Schedule. In either of these playback modes, you can set a Playlist to show.

Playlists can also be used in Web Players if you wish to embed them inside a VLE or school website. Remember in this case content will also need to be marked as Allow Public Access.

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