Using Schedules

Scheduled Playback allows you to play a specific set of content at a certain time on your TV, such as an End of the day playlist. Scheduling is available for all customers.

To create a schedule go to the Player Dashboard and click the Edit icon next to the player you want to run the schedule on.

Click the Add Schedule button.

Choose a Start and finish time and choose the Category, Playlist or Single item you would like to display at these times. You have the option to repeat the scheudle on certain days of the week and also to Limit or Shuffle the content items to playback.
Remember to click Save.

You can create as many schedules as you like - when a schedule isn't set the player will revert to Default playback.

Note: Schedules with overlapping times will use the schedule that has most started recently. For example, with a 10am-11am schedule, and a 10.30am-11am schedule, at 10.30, the second schedule will take over playback.

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