Adding Web Content

Adding Web Content 🎬

Adding Web Content to your TrilbyTV screens gives you a simple way to showcase exisπŸ“ting online content around your school.

In the short video below Neil walks you through the process, or scroll down for a text version.

Adding Web Content

To add web content, click the Add menu in TrilbyTV, select Web Content, then enter your URL or embed/iFrame code.

You can optionally change the display duration, and auto-delete or auto-unapprove date/time, if required.


Check out our Google Slides or Microsoft Office 365 Powerpoints for further help with adding these types of Web Content.

Once you've added your web content you will need to Save and approve it, then add it to a category or playlist, before it appears on your screens.

Below is a web content clip of a shared Google Slides document:

Any edits we make to this document in Google Slides are shown when the slide is next displayed.

Each web content clip is shown for the amount of time you specify when adding the clip. Web content will appear as clips in your content feed to be added to playlists, categories and embedded players as well as set to show on any screen.

Security requirements on player devices require all content to be accessible through a secure HTTP connection. Your URL or embed/iframe code must start HTTPS and be accessible to anyone on the Internet so the players can access it. Some websites may not allow embedding content into TrilbyTV.

TrilbyTV Player Support for Web Content

You will need to install TrilbyTV Player v4 or later for Android, Amazon FireTV, iOS or Chrome in order to view Web Content.


  • Web Content is not supported on Apple TV as Apple TV devices do not currently have a browser capability to allow the viewing of web-based content.
  • Google Slides are now supported as they are converted into a Slideshow which Apple TV can display.
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