Adding Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint Slides to TrilbyTV

Embedding Office 365 PowerPoint files is easy using the Add Web Content feature in TrilbyTV.

Remember you can also drag and drop a Powerpoint into TrilbyTV as a slideshow or video. See related articles for more info.

Go to and sign in with your Microsoft Account

NOTE: Your Microsoft Account must be on a domain that allows for external/public access to files.

From the App launcher open PowerPoint and create or edit your presentation.

TIP: Keep it simple and clear - too much text will confuse people and likely be too small to read on screen.

From the File menu click Share then click Embed

You will need to click the blue Generate button to create the embed code - note that an embedded file can be viewed by anyone with the link.

On the Embed setting screen simply copy the embed code - The slide size settings won't be used so it doesn't matter what you choose.

Now head over to TrilbyTV.

From the + menu top right choose Web Content.

Paste in the link you just copied and click the green Save button.

You can optionally set an auto-delete or auto-unapprove date/time after which the web content will be removed or un-approved.

Your web content is added to your feed like any other content, you will need to add it to a category or playlist, and approve it, before it will show on your screens.

If you want to use multiple slides you will need to open the PPT file in the Desktop version of PowerPoint and record the slideshow timings. 

NOTE: Microsoft PowerPoint does not have the feature to auto advance embedded slides.

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