Can I add a Vimeo video?

While you can add a Vimeo video to TrilbyTV, when you add a video directly to TrilbyTV we compress and store it in a way that makes it play great on TrilbyTV players. We would always recommend adding your video to TrilbyTV if you want it to play on your signage screens.

Our current support for Vimeo is via embedding as Web Content using the Vimeo Embed URL. While this will play back, it is not cached, so will use more bandwidth and each player will need a good Internet connection. 

Important: This will only work on TrilbyTV Players running on Windows, Mac or Chrome OS, or Android. This method does not work with Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, or Amazon FireTV devices.

On your Vimeo page, click the Share button. 

Next to Embed click + Show options 

Turn on auto play in the options that appear and loop if you want

Copy and paste the code shown on the page, which looks like this example:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Then add this as a Web Content item inside TrilbyTV. You do not need to adjust the width or height settings. We automatically adjust these when displaying.

You would then need to adjust the duration for "Show on player for" from its default 30 seconds to a longer time, usually your video duration plus 3-8 seconds to allow for webpage loading. 

Finally, approve and categorise your item as you would with any other content.

Important Notes 

Chrome OS/Chrome Extension does not support playback with audio. Vimeo videos added will show on Chrome devices but without audio. This is a limitation is enforced by the underlying Chromium Browser.

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