Playing a live news feed on TrilbyTV

We are sometimes asked if TrilbyTV can play BBC News or Sky News. While there is no support to playback licensable content inside TrilbyTV it is possible to stream news content from networks that provide a free-to-stream service. 

Both the BBC and Sky require a fee via the BBC License fee or Sky Subscription, the following networks do not and so can be used on TrilbyTV as Web Content items. A selection of networks is below, inclusion on this list does not guarantee that they will work on TrilbyTV, it is down to the network to set their own licensing conditions. 

To add them to TrilbyTV, copy the full web address below and Add to TrilbyTV as Web Content.

As these are live streams once they start to play they will continue until you make a change to the play via a schedule or you set a Custom duration.

Euro News

DW news

Al Jazeera

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