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  • Sharing to Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is a free web-based platform that integrates your G Suite for Education account with all your G Suite services, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Classroom saves

  • Embed TrilbyTV content in a VLE?

    TrilbyTV offers a couple of ways of embedding content in your VLE or website. Click the Edit pencil icon on a content item to view the edit options. Click the toggle to enable the Public Sharing

  • Set TrilbyTV Player to run at set times of day via Radix MDM

    Classroom display boards make great digital signage screens before and after class time and during breaks. Using the Radix MDM you can schedule TrilbyTV Player to launch at certain times so the

  • Installing TrilbyTV Player on AppleTV (4th Gen and later)

    TrilbyTV Player for AppleTV offers the same easy-to-use interface all our Players have, enabling you to easily turn any HDTV into a signage tool. Since AppleTV's are also used in the classroom, it mak

  • Release Notes

    The latest versions available for each platform are: Platform Version TrilbyTV Player Amazon FireTV 4.5.0 Android/Google Play Apple TV 4.5.0 ChromeOS 4.4.3 iOS (Player) 4.5.0 iPad 4.3.5 LG

  • Deploying TrilbyTV via MDM

    Mobile Device Management servers are popular tools for managing large numbers of devices including iOS and tvOS based devices, like iPads and AppleTV's. When combined with DEP, it becomes a streamline

  • Using Player Dashboard & Player Settings

    The Player Dashboard is where you add, remove, monitor and manage all your TrilbyTV players. It is accessible within the web app so long as you have the correct permissions. It gives you an