Set TrilbyTV Player to run at set times of day via Radix MDM

Classroom display boards make great digital signage screens before and after class time and during breaks. 

Using the Radix MDM you can schedule TrilbyTV Player to launch at certain times so the screens are always showcasing. Staff can simply press the Home button on the screen to return to normal activities when class starts or resumes. 

See the Radix support page for full details on how to set up Remote Execute Commands and Creating Triggers.

To start TrilbyTV player you would create and complete a Remote Exec configuration as follows…


Start TrilbyTV Player




--pct-syskeys 0 -p 1

Then create a Trigger, in the example below we have started on 9th Feb at 15:25 am and set a Day repeat forever which will be repeated every 1 day. So, in this case, every day at 8 am TrilbyTV Player will be triggered. Set the Time to live to 60 seconds.

Then go to your Devices list and tap the ellipse icon to the right of the screen  from the menu choose Trigger Command.

Give the Command a name and then select the Trigger from the drop-down.

Finally, tap + and add the Remote Exec created earlier.

Repeat these steps to add other times.  You may want to set screens playing TrilbyTV at 12.30 for lunchtime and 3 pm for home time. 

To remove the Setting

Click on Commands (third icon down on the left)

Identify the Scheduled task to remove and click  ⋮ 

From the menu choose to Stop or delete the command

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