Choosing a TrilbyTV Player

Choosing a TrilbyTV Player - for ClickView users

It is likely that your existing ClickView sign screens are running from a Mac or Windows PC. To use the same hardware to playback TrilbyTV you will need to get either the Windows TrilbyTV Player app or the Mac TrilbyTV Player app.

You can use lots of different hardware as a TrilbyTV player, we have apps for iOS, tvOS, Android and Amazon. A full list and links to installation guides for each can be found at

Remember with your TrilbyTV Unlimited license you can have as many players running as you like on the same school site.

To get started quickly…

Windows 10 users
Simply visit TrilbyTV Player on the Windows App Store and click Get

MacOS users
Visit TrilbyTV Player on the Mac App Store and click Get

Setting up the Player

Once the TrilbyTV Player has downloaded and installed on whatever device you are using you will see an 8 digit player code on the TV screen. Go to and click Add player to enter the code and activate that screen.

The default settings for a player mean that it will start to show the last 20 items added to TrilbyTV. You can configure Players to only show certain categories, limit the number of items, play a structured playlist or just a single item. Read our guide on Choosing Player Content to find out more.

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