Installing TrilbyTV Player on ChromeOS

If you have a Chrome OS device you should be able to run the Android version of TrilbyTV Player - Check out this list for Android supported Chrome devices.

NOTE: With effect from June 2022, Chrome OS will deprecate Chrome Apps, and they will no longer work on Chrome OS.


To start, install the TrilbyTV Player app from the Google Play Store.
TrilbyTV Player is designed to work in offline mode when an internet connection has been lost. However, it requires an internet connection to begin playback so that caching of content can begin.

Network Connectivity

If your ChromeOS device cannot connect to a wireless network when it powers on, you may see the screen shown below and the message "Waiting to for network connection". The ChromeOS device may not automatically reconnect to your network when it becomes available.

  • First, check that your wireless network is available by connecting from another device located in the same area as your ChromeOS device
  • Connect a keyboard and mouse (we recommend a wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad for ease of use). Press Ctrl + Alt + S to access the main user login screen. Click the status area in the bottom right corner and check the Wifi status. If it's not connected, select your network and enter your authentication details. If it is connected, restart your ChromeOS device by disconnecting the power or

For more information on supported wireless networks, see the ChromeBook help pages.

You may also need to allow the device to access TrilbyTV through your network by whitelisting or allowing certain ports, see related articles below.

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