Adding Microsoft PowerPoint to TrilbyTV as a Video

In this article, we look at adding Powerpoint to TrilbyTV as a video.

PowerPoint is often the go-to tool for quickly creating Notice or Message Board-style content for digital signage. It's worth considering tools such as Adobe Spark Video which will add movement and animation to announcements, but if you want to use PowerPoint you can and here's how.

Note: These instructions are for PowerPoint 2016 on macOS, the steps are very similar for PowerPoint 2013/2016 on Windows. Older versions of PowerPoint can save a video, but the settings are different.

Start by creating your PowerPoint presentation with the content you wish to display. As your Presentation will be shown on a TV screen we suggest you use a template in Widescreen format so it fits nicely and uses all available space.

To switch your slides to Widescreen (16:9)

  1. Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size.
  2. Choose Widescreen (16:9).

TIP: Use animations!
Remember this slide show will be displayed on a TV and movement works well! add some slide transitions and object animations to attract your viewers

When you are happy with your slideshow from the File menu choose Export

Leave the Quality Export settings at the default which is Presentation Quality (Width 1920, Height 1080)

The default of 5 seconds per slide can also be adjusted here, and any transitions you have added will take up additional time.

Choose a location to save and then click Export.

The image shows the Default settings for PowerPoint Export on macOS - these are great!

Now you'll have a mov or mp4 file ready to upload to TrilbyTV and showcase!

Note: You may have issues when uploading .mov files created by earlier versions of Powerpoint - in some cases your video may not play back on some web browsers or may take a while to appear on TrilbyTV Player.

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