Installing TrilbyTV Player on a Philips digital signage screen

The latest Philips D Line Digital Signage Displays are powered by Android, meaning they are perfect for TrilbyTV. The model we have used and tested is the 32BDL4051D which has built in Android 7.1.2. Philips models with Android are listed below, we suggest Android 7 or later for best performance.

You will need 

  • a Philips D Line Digital Signage Display running Android 7.1.2+
  • a Wifi Network or ethernet connection
  • a TrilbyTV account
  1. Access Android on your Philips Screen by pressing Home and then pressing 1888 on the remote control
  2. Use Android Settings to connect your screen to configure your network
  3.  Use the built in Chromium browser application to download the TrilbyTV Player APK from the following link -
  4. Use the File Manager application to access the downloaded TrilbyTV Player App APK and then install and open 
  5. You will see a TrilbyTV logo and Player Code on the screen, and now you can link this screen to your TrilbyTV in the Player Dashboard.

Additional Configuration

  • To make sure TrilbyTV is the default startup app after a power down, go to Android settings and access ‘Signage Display’ to make sure source settings are set to Custom App and TrilbyTV
  • To save energy, we suggest setting sleep and wake times on your screen. In Settings, go to Advanced Options, where you can Set an Off Timer and also Set Full Scheduling for Off and On - make sure the time and date on the screen is correct for this to work.
  • You can also use the Phillips screens in Portrait format. To do this, use the remote to go to Home, Settings, Rotation, Auto-Rotate
  • Philips D Line Digital Signage Displays will not support YouTube URLs as the Google PlayStore, and YouTube app are not supported 

Android 7 Philips digital signage models (May 2022)

xx relates to screen size, i.e. 43, 55, 60, 75

  • xxBFL2114 – Android 9
  • xxBFL2214 – Android 9
  • xxBDL3550Q – Android 8
  • xxBDL3050Q – Android 5 - not advised due to Android Version
  • xxBDL4051D – Android 7
  • xxBDL4150D – Android 7
  • xxBDL4550D – Android 8
  • xxBDL5055P – Android 5 - not advised due to Android Version
  • xxBDL5057P – Android 5 - not advised due to Android Version
  • CRD50 (Android OPS)
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