Player Content support

TrilbyTV Player is available on many platforms, some support more features than others and some will work differently with certain content types.

Platform iOS tvOS Android Amazon FireTV Chrome / ChromeOS macOS / Windows
Source App Store App Store Play Store Amazon App Store Chrome Dashboard / Chrome Web Store Mac App Store / Windows Store
Content Types
Video X X X X X X
Slideshows X X X X X X
Title Slides X X X X X X
Twitter X X X X X X
Web Content
- YouTube X - * Requires YouTube app
* Requires YouTube app * Muted X
- RSS X - X X X X
- Google Slides X - X X X X
- General X - X X X X
Scheduling X X X X X X
Remove Device Management Via MDM Via MDM Via MDM - Via Chrome Management X
Automatic App Restart in Single App Mode in Single App Mode During Power On During Power On Via Chrome Management Via Startup Items
Hardware Features
Remote Control - X * Depending on model X - -
USB Powered X - * Depending on model X - -
Vertical Playback On Device Only - * Depending on model - X X

* YouTube playback on Chrome is restricted to muted playback due to modern browser security settings.

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