Caching and bandwidth

Because all your TrilbyTV content is in the cloud, it’s available to you easily from one of the many supported Player devices.

Streaming video can put a strain on your internet bandwidth, and so we’ve built in automatic caching of content on all our players. TrilbyTV Player will start downloading a high-resolution version of your video content once you add it to a player, meaning it keeps bandwidth usage to a minimum. Once the download is complete, playback begins and the player is no longer reliant on your internet connection. The Player app will check every 60 seconds for new additions to the playlist or category and download new content as required.

The only exception is Web content which is always displayed live.

This also means that if your internet connection stops, your TrilbyTV Players keep on playing.

The cache may get automatically emptied by your device if it is running low on space. If this happens, videos will re-cache as necessary.

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