Adding G Suite (Google) Sheets to TrilbyTV

Adding a Google Sheets file is easy, using the Add Web Content feature in TrilbyTV.

Head over to and sign in with your Google Account

Create or edit your spreadsheet as you would do normally.

When you are ready to publish - from the File menu choose "Publish to the web"

EXPERT TIP: To make your sheet fit nicely on your TVs think about how the page fits on the screen bear in mind that most TVs are Widescreen 16:9. With the default sheet spacing you will see columns A through I and rows 1 through 22.

Choose the Embed option and select what to show, whole workbook or single sheet.

Click Publish 

You will now see a code starting '<iframe' copy this code and head over to TrilbyTV

From the Menu icon top right choose Add Web Content

Paste in the link you just copied and click Add

You can now optionally set an expiry time after which the clip will be removed from your TrilbyTV and change the length of time you want the content to display. In the example below the google sheet will be fetched from the server every 1800 seconds or 30 minutes. 

Your web content is added to your feed like any other content, you will need to pop it in a category and approve it before it will show on your screens.

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