Playlist permissions

We are sometimes asked if there is a way to lock down a particular screen or player to a particular set of users in TrilbyTV. With the Playlist Permissions tool there is!

Everyone will have a different use for this, the scenario we run through here is of a school with 2 screens, one in a hallway and one in the reception area. The hallway screen we will leave with the default options, that is to playback the 20 most recent items of content.

We want the screen in Reception to play back only content that a particular user or group of users can specify. We do this in three stages…

  1. Making a group of users to manage a playlist
  2. Making the playlist they can access and manage
  3. Setting the player to only play the specific managed playlist.

Note that someone with the Admin permission will need to set this up.

To start, let’s make a group to include the people we want to manage the playlist.

  • Go to and click the Permission Groups icon in the sidebar then tap Add Group, type a name and tap Add.
    The new group will show in the list and you can type a description.
  • Check the appropriate permissions
    You must include the Moderate permission to be able to access the Playlists area. You will probably also want to include Player and Upload permissions. This allows the users to add content, moderate it and set it playing.
  • Click Save then Members
    Choose the people you would like to be part of the group and tap Close when done, the changes are automatically saved. The people added here will be the only ones to control the playlist and hence what is shown on the screen.

Now we will now set up the playlist that the group will manage.

  • Tap the Playlists icon in the sidebar and then tap Add Playlist.
    We’ll call it ‘Reception playlist’.
  • Tap Add Group
    Tap the group you just created and tap Add Group, you can add more than one group and you will see that You and any Admin users will also be able to control the playlist so there is no need to add yourself.
  • At this point, you can also choose some content to add to the playlist.
  • Tap Save

Finally, we will now tell the Reception Player to only play the Reception playlist.

  • Tap the Player Dashboard icon in the sidebar and then tap on the Reception player.
  • Tap on the line under Default Playback
  • Tap the Playlist tab and choose ‘Reception playlist’
  • Tap Save

All done!

Your reception screen player will now only playback the content in the ‘Reception playlist’ and that playlist can only be changed and added to by Admin and the users in the ‘Reception team’ group.

You could of course swap ‘Reception team’ for ‘Science teachers’ or even ‘Student Ambassadors’ and repeat the process to lock down a screen to only be edited by a certain group of users.

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