Adding Apple Keynote to TrilbyTV as a Video

Here we explore using Keynote slides as a TrilbyTV video. Keynote is included with every Mac and iPad and is a presentation app which can be a great tool for quickly creating content for digital signage. 

First, check your file is formatted correctly

Open your Keynote file.

Open the document inspector and check your slides are in Widescreen (16:9) format. These will look best on TV screens as they are the same size.

Saving your video from Keynote

TIP: Use animations!
Remember this slide show will be displayed on a TV, and movement works well! Add some slide transitions and object animations to attract your viewers.

Watch it through a couple of times and when you are happy with your slideshow, then from the  File menu, choose Export To… and Movie.

The image shows the Default settings for Keynote Movie export on macOS - these are great!

Click Next... and choose a place to save the video file. Now you'll have an m4v file ready to upload to TrilbyTV and showcase!

Adding your Keynote video to TrilbyTV

In TrilbyTV tap the + icon and choose Video.

Click the Browse button on the screen and then use the file picker to locate the video you just saved. Click OK when you've selected it.

Once added, enter a title, and you can optionally set an auto-delete or auto-unapprove date/time for the video as well.

Click Save, and your video will be uploaded, ready for approval to display on your TrilbyTV screens. 

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