Adding a Video

You can upload video content to TrilbyTV from any device using the web browser. TrilbyTV accepts video in any format.

In this short video, Neil shows you the process of adding a video or scroll down for a text version. 

Adding your own video to TrilbyTV

  1. Create your video content and save it on your device
  2. In TrilbyTV, click the '+' button in the top right menu and select Video
  3. Click the Browse button on the screen and then use the file picker to locate the video you just saved. Click OK when you've selected it
  4. Your content will be added. Once done, fill in the title for your video, as well as a short description
  5. Approve your content, assign any categories as required and click Save


For best results, we recommend exporting your video at 480p or 720p resolution. Images should be sized at 1920x1080 or greater.

See related articles on how to set a standard video quality for all video uploads.

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