Adding a countdown timer or count down clock Clock

You may want to show a count down clock or countdown timer on your screens in preparation for an event or a particular time in the day. 

We have a simple script you can use for this, which will show days, hours, minutes and seconds until the end time you specify. You can also configure colours and a title to create a custom version to fit in with your branding.

Access the countdown clock here and enter the details you would like to count down to.

You need a Title, and you can set the colours as you wish. You can enter a date OR a time OR both. 
You may have to type these in depending on your browser settings. Time needs to be entered as hh:mm like 13:15 and the date needs to be YYYY/MM/DD like 2021/10/12 for 12th October 2021

If you plan on using the clock to inform students that they need to be at a lesson at 11:00 am, then just put the time in and leave the date blank. If you are counting down to Christmas day, then just put in the date and leave the time blank.

Leave Stop count at zero checked, or the clock will continue counting past the time.

Click Generate URL and a new web address will appear in the box below. 

Select the text and copy it. 

If you want to see how your count down will look, open a new tab/page and paste in the address. You will notice that the web address contains the information you added if you wish, you can change this in the web address; just be sure to check it works if you do edit.

Adding to TrilbyTV

Go to your TrilbyTV system and click the Add + button top right
Choose Web Content
Paste in the web address and click Save

We suggest you change the Content title in TrilbyTV to something meaningful, for example, "Countdown to 11:45"
You may also want to change how long the countdown is shown. The default is 30 seconds, and we would suggest 7 seconds to blend in nicely with other content.
Remember to approve, tag and save 

To show the count down at a specific time each day, use a Schedule. See this document for help on doing that.

In the example below, we have added a schedule to show the Single item Countdown to 11:45 every day from 11:40 to 11:45

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