What size files can I upload?

TrilbyTV users with a subscription and those with a trial account can upload video files of up to 2GB in size and slideshows of up to 200MB in size.

Slideshows in TrilbyTV are limited to 35 individual items.

Typically you will have 50GB of storage on TrilbyTV so there is plenty of room for lots of content.

Once your content arrives on the TrilbyTV platform, it will have to be processed. 

Video files will take some time as we produce multiple versions for different players. Bigger and longer video files will take longer to encode. You will receive a notification when encoding is complete (if notifications are turned on).

For slideshows, depending on the file type, we use different conversion tools to process the file and turn it into a series of images. This can take a few moments to process, but once complete, you can re-order and remove slides as required.

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