Registering an Amazon Fire TV Stick

If your Fire TV Stick used for TrilbyTV playback shows a Register screen, below are the steps to get it back online and playing content

Get an Amazon account

Before you start, you will need an Amazon account - get one here. We would suggest using an email address that is appropriate for a work device to connect to.

Your Amazon account MUST have a billing address and payment card allocated, which you can do here.

TrilbyTV Player is free, but the Amazon store requires a linked card and billing address in case you want to purchase apps or content in the future. To stay secure and stop future purchases, you can remove the card from your Amazon account following the installation process.

  1. Using the Fire TV remote, select the Register button and enter the username and password you use for the Amazon account.
  2. After a few moments, you will be asked to confirm the account and click Yes.
  3. You may be asked about saving passwords, we suggest you click No.

Install TrilbyTV Player

  1. You will now be at the Amazon TV home screen and need to install the TrilbyTV Player application.
  2. If you have a Fire TV with Alexa remote you can press the microphone button and say "Search for TrilbyTV Player".
  3. Alternatively, use the remote to scroll left to Search 🔍,  type in TrilbyTV and then scroll down and click OK on TrilbyTV. Click OK to select TrilbyTV and then click OK again to start the download.
  4. Once downloaded you can Open the app and your content should start to play again. If you see a TrilbyTV logo and Player Code on the screen, then you will need to re-add the player to your dashboard. Our Player Dashboard guide is here, or you can contact us for assistance.
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