Using Power Boot to restart an Android player

Certain Android player devices can be set to reboot using a third-party app called Power Boot. 

When a player is having trouble clearing memory and caches over time, this can cause the player to become unstable. In this case, a reboot will often fix the issue. You can set a reboot time via TrilbyTV, See 'Restart daily at' in our Using Player Dashboard & Player Settings doc. However, some devices don't support this ad Power Boot offers an alternative solution.

You can also achieve the same effect by using a timer plug and switching the player off and on. If you have an MDM then consider adding the Player devices and setting an on/off schedule. 

To use Power Boot

  • On the Player device itself, go to the Google Play Store and download the app Power Boot
  • Power Boot will require root permissions so you will need to allow those
  • Choose Add Schedule from the top-right menu
    • Name it 'Reboot at 2 am'
    • Choose Recursive as the schedule type
    • Click + or - to set the time to 2 am
    • Click each day to turn on the reboot for every day
    • Click Save at the top of the screen
  • Now at 2 am the player will automatically restart itself and the TrilbyTV Player app will auto-launch and start playing back

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