Using Power Boot to restart an Android player

Certain Android player devices can be set to reboot using a third-party app called Power Boot. 

When a player is having trouble clearing it's memory and caches over time, this can cause the player to become unstable. In this case, a reboot will often fix the issue. You can set a reboot time via TrilbyTV, however, some devices don't support this and Power Boot offers an alternative solution.

See our Using Players & Player Settings guide for more information on the Restart Daily feature.

You can also achieve the same effect by using a timer plug and switching the player off and on. Or, if you have an MDM then consider adding the Player devices and setting an on/off schedule. 

Power Boot

  1. On the Player device itself, go to the Google Play Store and download the app Power Boot 
  2. Power Boot will require root permissions so you will need to allow those
  3. Choose Add Schedule from the top-right menu
    • Name it 'Reboot at 2 am'
    • Choose Recursive as the schedule type
    • Click + or - to set the time to 2 am
    • Click each day to turn on the reboot for every day
    • Click Save at the top of the screen
  4. Now at 2 am the player will automatically restart itself and the TrilbyTV Player app will auto-launch and start playing back

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