Adding Twitter Feeds

Adding a Twitter feed to your TrilbyTV screens gives you a simple way to keep getting fresh content showing around your school.

In the short video below Neil walks you through the process, or scroll down for a text version.

Adding your own Twitter feed

Tap the + menu icon and choose Twitter Feed. Enter your Twitter username and optionally a hashtag to filter what is shown. Then click the green Save button.

Hashtag filtering on usernames only works on the text you tweet directly, it won't include mentions of that hashtag in anyone else tweets or things you retweet.

Alternatively, you can show all tweets that include a particular hashtag, in this case, ANY tweet with that hashtag will be displayed - please use this with caution!

Note: Hashtag search may only return tweets from the last 7 days.

Once you've added your Twitter feed, you will need to approve it, and add it to a category or playlist, before it appears on your screens.

Below is a preview from our TrilbyTV Twitter account:

Tweet Options

Each tweet is shown for the number of seconds you set and Tweet feeds will appear as clips in your content feed to be added to playlists, categories and embedded players as well as set to show on any screen. Tweets can take up to 10 minutes to go from tweet to screen.

Video and GIF playback is supported, if you would rather not show videos you can switch this option.

By default tweets marked by Twitter as containing sensitive content are NOT shown. You can switch this option if you want ALL tweets to be shown regardless of Twitters filtering. Please be careful with this option and understand that content may not be appropriate for your viewers.

You can also adjust the colours used in tweets the Foreground Primary Colour is the main body text and the Secondary colour is used for retweets, links, hashtags and mentions.

Twitter Image sizes

All of our content gets formatted to show on a standard 1080p screen, which means it's scaled to fit 1920x1080 sizes. By default TrilbyTV automatically zooms Twitter images to ensure screen space is filled. See the image below for the optimum twitter image size when showing a single image.

mock up screen showing optimal Twitter image size

When you are showing 2, 3, or 4 images again the crop and zoom will change in order to fill the screen.
auto fil limages checkbox
You can change the automatic zooming of images by toggling the Auto fill images checkbox. If this is off, images will be shown without any zoom, which also means you may see the background colour showing around images.
As a general rule to make life easier, we often suggest working with square images and keeping any vital content around 15% from the edges. If you’re making files at the right size then they should be displaying perfectly so there may be more we can do to tweak or help with if any cropping persists.

TrilbyTV Player Support

You will need to install TrilbyTV Player v4 or later in order to view your tweets.

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